Fascinating Things To Know About Mount Teide

Perhaps the most renowned landmark in all of Tenerife is Mount Teide. This impressive volcano situated at the heart of the island consumes the skyline from just about everywhere and serves as a perch from which you can see broad vistas of the Canary Islands. Because Mount Teide is also somewhat shrouded in mystery, the following fascinating facts provide some useful background.

1) Mount Teide represents Spain’s highest point.

2) The volcano is the highest spot above sea level of any of the Atlantic islands.

3) Mount Teide is ranks third on the list of volcanic structures on Earth.

4) Its existence renders Tenerife the 10th highest of all islands.

5) The volcano is an active one.

6) Mount Teide was recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site in June of 2007.

7) It has not erupted since 1909 when there was an incident originating in the El Chinyero vent at the northwestern part of the Santiago rift.

8) Mount Teide is the national park that receives the most visitors of any in Spain or Europe.

9) 3 million people visit annually.

10) Prior to Tenerife’s colonization by Spain in 1496, the volcano was named Echeyde.

11) In late 2017, Mount Teide was scaled by Gema Hansen-Bay, known for being the first wheelchair-bound Paralympic competitor to reach an altitude of 3,000 meters using just her arm momentum.

12) The volcano is home to the Teide violet, also known as viola cheiranthifolia, a plant seen as far up as the summit and which enjoys the title of Spain’s highest flowering specimen.

13) Mount Teide is a helpful volcanic point of reference for scientists conentrating on Mars, given the close comparisons between the geology and environmental traits of the two.

14) Many specices of invertebrates are found on Mount Teide, with 40 percent of them being endemic and 70 individual species being found only at this national park.

15) Mount Teide projects the largest shadow onto the sea found anywhere in the world. Tourists come from far and wide at sunset to see the stunning and fascinating triangular shadow.

Not only are these 15 interesting details about Mount Teide, they serve as 15 strong justifications for planning a visit. Grab your hiking boots and get here soon!

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